STE-VI-FPC05PSN-H20 series

The connector series STE-VI-FPC05PSN-H20 is a FFC/FPC   ZIF* connector for FFC/FPC cables pitch 0.50 mm and a thickness of 0.3 mm. This series is a bottom contacting horizontal type and has a flip-up opener similar to the FH12 series from Hirose. The height of the complete housing is 2.10 mm.

In general we supply this series in reels of 2000 pieces. Smaller quantities as from 10 pieces upwards can be offered if available from stock.

These are the common types:

  • STE-VI-FPC05PSN-H20-04-R-A-L -   4-pin
  • STE-VI-FPC05PSN-H20-05-R-A-L -   5-pin
  • STE-VI-FPC05PSN-H20-06-R-A-L -   6-pin
  • STE-VI-FPC05PSN-H20-30-R-A-L - 30-pin
  • STE-VI-FPC05PSN-H20-32-R-A-L - 32-pin
  • STE-VI-FPC05PSN-H20-33-R-A-L-  33-pin 
  • STE-VI-FPC05PSN-H20-40-R-A-L - 40-pin
  • STE-VI-FPC05PSN-H20-45-R-A-L - 45-pin
  • STE-VI-FPC05PSN-H20-50-R-A-L - 50-pin
  • STE-VI-FPC05PSN-H20-54-R-A-L - 54-pin
  • STE-VI-FPC05PSN-H20-60-R-A-L - 60-pin


For further information, please see the product datasheet, further pin numbers can be supplied on request.

Following connector types could be substituted by the STE-VI-FPC05-H20 series:

Oupiin: 2345-30TD2, 2345-33TD2, 2345-40TD2, 2345-50TD2, 2345-54TD2, 2345-60TD2

Elco: 08-6212-030-010-800, 08-6210-033-340-800

Hirose: FH12-30S-0.5SH, FH12-33S-0.5SH, FH12-40S-0.5SH, FH12-50S-0.5SH, FH12-54S-0.5SH, FH12-60S-0.5SH

JAE: IL-FHR-30S-HF-E3000, IL-FHR-33S-HF-E3000, IL-FHR-40S-HF-E3000, IL-FHR-50S-HF-E3000


Molex: 54132-3062, 54132-3362, 54132-4062, 54132-3062, 54132-5062

IRISO: IMSA-9632S, IMSA-9632S-30, IMSA-9632S-33, IMSA-9632S-40, IMSA-9632S-45, IMSA-9632S-50, IMSA-9637S-30A, IMSA-9637S-33A, IMSA-9637S-40A, IMSA-9637S-45A, IMSA-9637S-50A, IMSA-9637S-54A, IMSA-9637S-60A


The following displays will be supported: N154C6 - L01, VGM128064A0G13

*ZIF = Zero insertion force


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STE-VI-FPC05PSN-H20 series

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STE-VI-FPC05PSN-H20 series

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