This wiring harness allows a quick and easy connection between a display with a STM connector P2407P30 or WELL-1058-H-30P-HF(FI-X series compatible) and a graphics board. We supply a twisted pair round cable with 30 assembled crimp contacts and a suitable connector housing. The second side of the cable is unmachined.  The connectors according to your cable plans can easily be assembled to achieve an optimum function and allocation of the pairs to the signal structures. The cable is especially suited for samples and very small series.

Techical data:

  • side 1: STM-P2407P30 or WELL-1058-H-30P-HF (compatiblel with FI-X30H) with crimpcontacts 2407PS-00 or WELL-1058-G-P-E, unstucked enclose
  • side 2: unprocessed, just cut off
  • roundcable, twisted pair, AWG28, shielded,
  • UL iQ™2560


  • individual assembling possible
  • different lenghts available on short notice
  • shielded
  • with twisted pair
  • suitable for LVDS and DVI
  • this cable will supplied unplugged inkluding a connector housing! (see fig. 3 and 4)

We can also offer samples of the complete assembled ready-to-use wiring harness. We would be pleased to submit you our non-binding offer.


This cable fits to the following pin headers:
FI-XB30SRL-HF11, FI-X30S-HF-NPB, A1006-WR-S-30P, CNTH243A30123, CNT243A3011, CNT243C3011, MDF76K-30S-1H, GT101-30S-H16, 915-001-1008R, 093G30-B0001A, IP100-C30B-C15, IS100-C30B-C15, HS100-L30N-N23, 093G30-B0001A, 093F30, MSCK2407P30B, GT101-30S-HR11, GS23302-0311R, MSCKT2407P30HB, AL230F-A0G1D-P, WF13-422-3033, 187098-30091, CI1406SL00-NH, 187114-30091, SM30B-LD-YGS-10, WL 1058-H

The following displays will be supported:
G215HVN01.0, M156BGE-L10, B141PW01, B150XG02, B170UW02, IAQS80, IAQS80F, IAQX10, IAQX10M, LB064V02, LB064V02, LB064V02-A1, LB104V03, LB104V03-A1, LB104V3, LC230W02, LC230W02-A5K1, LC230WX3, LC260WX2, LC300W01-A3, LC300W01-A5, LC320W01, LC370W01-A5, LC370WX1, LC420W02, LC420W02-AK, LC420WX5, LC550W01, LM170E01, LM170E01-A5, LM170E01-LTA1, LM170E02, LM170E03, LM171W02, LM181E06-A4M1/D4, LM190E01-C4, LM190E02-A4, LM190E03, LM190E03-B4, LM190E05, LM190E05-SL02/03, LM190E06, LM190E08, LM190E3-B4K1, LM190WX1, LM201U02-A3M1, LM201U03-A3, LM201U04, LM201U04-A3, LM201U05, LM201W01, LM201WE03, LM201WE2, LM220WE1, LM260WU1, LM300W01-A3, LM300WQ3, LP133WX1, LP133WX2, LP141WX1, LP141WX3, LP150E05/E06, LP150X08, LP150X09, LP154W01, LP154WP1, LP154WX4, LP171WP4, LQ190E1LX31, LQ201U1LW21, LQ255T3LZ19, LQ315T3LZ28, LQ315T3LZ49, LTM170E6-L04, LTM170EU, LTM170EU-L01, LTM170EU-L21, LTM170EU-L31, LTM190E1, LTM190E1-L01/L03, LTM190E4-L01, LTM190EX, LTM190EX-L01, LTM190M2, LTM213U6, LTM213U6-L01, LTM240M1, LTM240M2, LTM300M1, M170EG01, M170EN05, M190PW01V0, M201UN02, M201UN03V0, N150P2-L04, N150P3-L04, N150U3, N150X4-L01, N150X4-L14, NL128102BC29-01, NL128102BM29-05A, NL12810BC29-10, NL10276BC24-19D, UMSH-8013MD, UMSH-8013-1T, UMSH-8013MD-2T, T104X1D2, T200XW02, T315XW02, T460HW01, TX43D55VM0BAA, TX43D57VC0CAA, TX54D13VC0CAA, TX80D17VC0CAC, LQ190E1LW01, LQ190E1LW41, 260XW01VM, LD420WXN, LC370WXN, LC320WXN, K315T3LA31, LK315T3LA33, LK315T3LA51, LK315T3LA53, LK315T3LA57, LK315T3LZ93, LK315T3LZ94, LTM170ET01, G170EG01, M190A1-L0A, G104X1-L01, AM-1024600BTMQW, G220SW01, G185XW01, HV150UX1, LQ070Y3LG4A, LM230WF3-SLB1, LM215WF3-SLA1, LQ121S1LG71, LB121S03-TL03, G104X1-L04, G104X1-L03, HSD190MEN5, LC170WXN, LTM230HT05, G190EG01-V1, LB070WV8-SL01, LD101WX1, M170EGE-L20, P270HVN01.0, M215HGE.L21, LM270WF5, DLF_DLH1975, FG100451DSSWNG01, G156BGE-L01, LB070WV8, M236HJK-L5B, G170EG01V1, LD101WX1-SL01, TCG070WVLRPCGD118, AM1024600L2TMQW-01H, LQ156M3LW01, NL192108AC18-02D, LQ156M3LW01, G156BGE-L01, IDK-2121W, G150XTN06.1_rev1.0, LQ156M3LW01, G240HW01, AM-1280800J3TZQW-00, AM-800480D2TMQW-TA0H

The following boards will be supported:

Connector compatible with:

FI-X30SSL-HF, FI-X30C2L, WL 1058-HL, MDF76-30P-1C, IS100-L30O-C23, 187034-30091, FCI10061851, MSBK2407P30, A1001HS0-30P, DS100-230-H23, DS100-330-H23, DS100-430-H23


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Portrait von Klaus Stieler
  • Klaus Stieler






  • Länge / Length: 500,0 mm

Range of temperatures

  • Temperatur in Bewegung / temperature range in operation -20 bis +60°C
  • Temperature in Ruhe / temperature range out of operation -10 bis +60°C


  • Bruttogewicht / Gross weight: 50,4 g
  • Nettogewicht / Net weight: 44,1 g


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Portrait von Klaus Stieler
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