This cable set is designed to connect different brands of TFT-displays equipped with a connector HIROSE DF9-31P-1V. The set is open on one side.

Technical data:

  • side 1: DF9-31S-1V
  • side 2: unprocessed
  • strands AWG28
  • connection 1:1, colorcodeplan included
  • l = 800 mm
  • UL1571


  • industrial application
  • available in customized lengths (≥ 60 mm cable length)
  • available ex stock (L = 800 mm)
  • strands AWG28 in different colors
  • stable connection
  • light weight
  • individual designs possible
  • low cost

Also available with mirrored mounting of the DF9-connector ( ...-16 )


This cable is suited for the following headers:

  • DF9B-31P-1V
  • DF9A-31P-1V
  • DF9C-31P-1V
  • DF9-31P-1V
  • DF9MA-31P-1V


The following display will be supported:

AA065VB01, AA084VC02, AA084VC043, AA084VC05, AA104VC01, AA104VC02, LQ064V3DG01, LQ065T9DR51, LQ065T9DR53U, LQ065T9DZ03, LQ084V1DG21, LQ104V1DC31, LQ104V1DG11, LQ104V1DG21, LQ104V1DG51, LQ104V1DG52, LQ104V1DG61, LQ104V1DW02, LQ10D368, LQ10D421, LQ64D343, LTM10C209A, LTM10C210, NL4823BC37-05, NL6448AC33-46, NL6448BC20-08E, NL6448BC20-14, NL6448BC20-20, NL6448BC26-01, NL6448BC26-03, NL6448BC26-09, NL6448BC26-09C, NL6448BC26-22F, NL6448BC33-31, NL6448BC33-46, NL6448BC33-50, NL6448BC33-53, NL6448BC33-54, NL6448BC33-59, NL6448BC33-64, NL6448BC33-64C, NL6448BC33-74, PD064VT1, PD064VT4, PD064VT5, PD104VT1, T-51513D104JU-FW-A-AC, T-51513D104U-FW-A-AB, T-51638D084-FW-A-AA, T-51638D084J-FW-A-AA, T-51638D084J-FW-A-AC, T-51639D084JU-FW-A-AB, T-51639D084U-FW-A-AA, T-51750GD065J-FW-A-AA, T-51750GD065J-FW-AB, V16C6448AC, LQ104V1DG62, G104V1-T03, TX17D01VM2EAB, LQ104V1DG81, LQ064V3DG06


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Portrait von Marius Lemm
  • Marius Lemm






  • Länge / Length: 800,0 mm

Range of temperatures

  • Betriebstemperatur / Operating temperature: Min: -20,00 °C Max: 85,00 °C
  • Lagertemperatur / Storage temperature: Min: -40,00 °C Max: 85,00 °C


  • Bruttogewicht / Gros weight: 33,2 g
  • Nettogewicht / Net weight: 27,3 g



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Portrait von Marius Lemm
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