This wiring harness allows a quick and easy connection between a LED-display inverter with a connector of the MOLEX PanelMate™  51146 series and any other graphic board connector. We supply 5 strands with assembled socket housing. The second side of the cable is unprocessed. This cable is particularly suited for samples and small series.

Technical specifications: 

  • side 1: 51146-0500 with crimp terminals 50641-8041
    oder H208K-P05N-02B with crimp terminals M002-G07N-02R
  • side 2: unprocessed 
  • color strands AWG28
  • l = 500 mm
  • UL1061
  • operating temperature: -20 °C to 85 °C
  • weight: 4.6 g


  • available ex stock 
  • customer specific assembly 
  • deliverable in different lenghts 

We also offer the assembly of this conductor as well as the complete cable ready-for-connection in small quantities. Please contact us for any information. We would be glad to submit you our offer without any obligation.

This cable fits for the following headers:

  • MOLEX 53780-0570
  • ENTERY H208K-P05N-02B / 3808K-F05N-02R
  • STM P24038P5
  • STM MSB24038P5
  • CVILUX CI4205M2HRP-NH / CI4205SL000

It supports the following LCD:
G104SN02-V2, G121SN01 V4, G085VW01 V0, G104VN01, TCG121SVLBA, TCG104VGLBA, TCG104SVLAA, TM104SDH03, G121NX01, G150XG01 V3, 97G104S2N2F-2, G104V1-T03, NL13676HC25, G150XGE-L04, G104SN03-V4, NL10276AC-42C, NL10276AC30-42C, G156BGE-L01, 97G121X1N0F-2, G104SN02 V2, AM-1024768TTMQW-00H, AM-1024768T1TMQW-T30H, G156BGE-L01, T150NB02D01, AM-1280822P2TZQW-00H, OT101DAWDLV-H0, G121SN01 V402, G121SN01 V403, G121STN01.0, G121XTN01.0, G150XAN01.1, G150XTK01.0, G150XTN03.2, G150XTN06.2, G150XTN06.4, G150XTN06.8, G150XTN06.9, OT150CXDDLV-H1, OT150ZXUDLV-00, G104STN01.0, OT104BSWDLV-H0, G150XTN03.5, G150XTN03.6, G150XTN06.0, G104XVN01.0, G156HAN02.1, G156XTN01.0, G156XTT01.1, G156XW01 V1, G156XW01 V3, G185HAN01.0, G185XW01 V0, AM-1280800P3TZQW-00H, G104SN03 V5, G104VN01 V1, G150XAN01.2, G150XTK02.0, G150XTN06.A, G156XTT01 V1, G185XW01 V201


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