EDC to 0.50 mm FFC

The brand new ES&S EDC31 series is an advancement of the FDC31 series. It is also suitable to connect TTL displays from all leading manufacturers with the connector series DF9-31S-1V (matching part of DF9-31P-1V).

Compared to FDC the pros are:

  • comprehensible technique and thus a reduced error rate
  • modular design
  • small series and samples are quickly available
  • Separability of flex foil cables (FFC) and end pieces (DF9-adapter board)
  • easier maintenance
  • assembly also possible in tight slots
  • exchangeability of single components

Compared to FDC the cons are:

  • marginal higher unit price due to a more complex manufacturing
  • no strain relief due to the use of a ZIF connector without casting

Actually the following matching FFC`s (Flex foil cables) for EDC31-adapter boards are available from stock:

  • FFC0.50A31-0092L-3-3-05-05 - L = 100 mm
  • FFC0.50D31-0092L-3-3-05-05 - L = 100 mm
  • FFC0.50A31-0192L-3-3-05-05 - L = 200 mm
  • FFC0.50D31-0192L-3-3-05-05 - L = 200 mm
  • FFC0.50A31-0292L-3-3-05-05 - L = 300 mm
  • FFC0.50D31-0292L-3-3-05-05 - L = 300 mm
  • FFC0.50A31-0492L-3-3-05-05 - L = 500 mm
  • FFC0.50D31-0492L-3-3-05-05 - L = 500 mm


Please find an article selection of our popular FDC31 versions which can also be produced by the EDC-technique:

FDC31/0045BMF20, FDC31/0054CFZ24, FDC31/0055DFZ28, FDC31/0070AFF03, FDC31/0070AFF10, FDC31/0076AFF03, FDC31/0076BFF10, FDC31/0076BMF07, FDC31/0076BMF20, FDC31/0076BMM09, FDC31/0076CMZ21, FDC31/0100DMZ25, FDC31/0102AFF03, FDC31/0102AMF01, FDC31/0102BFF06, FDC31/0102BMF08, FDC31/0102CFZ23, FDC31/0102DFZ27, FDC31/0110BMF20, FDC31/0120BMF08, FDC31/0130AMF01, FDC31/0143AFF03, FDC31/0152AFF03, FDC31/0152AMF01, FDC31/0152AMF04, FDC31/0152BFF06, FDC31/0152BFF10, FDC31/0152BMF07, FDC31/0152BMF08, FDC31/0152DFZ27, FDC31/0152DFZ28, FDC31/0160BMF08, FDC31/0180BFF09, FDC31/0180BFF10, FDC31/0200AMF01, FDC31/0200BFF06, FDC31/0200DFZ27, FDC31/0203AFF03, FDC31/0203AFM01, FDC31/0203AMF01LI, FDC31/0203AMF13, FDC31/0203AMM02, FDC31/0203BFM08, FDC31/0203DFZ27, FDC31/0203DFZ28, FDC31/0205CFZ24, FDC31/0208AFF03, FDC31/0208BFF10, FDC31/0210AFF03, FDC31/0252BMF07, FDC31/0254AFF03, FDC31/0254AFF12, FDC31/0254AMF04, FDC31/0254BFF10, FDC31/0254BFM08, FDC31/0254CFZ23, FDC31/0254CFZ24, FDC31/0254DFZ27, FDC31/0280BMF08, FDC31/0300AFF03, FDC31/0300AMF01, FDC31/0300AMF01, FDC31/0300CFZ23, FDC31/0300DFZ27, FDC31/0320BFF06, FDC31/0320CFZ23, FDC31/0320DFZ27, FDC31/0325BFF06, FDC31/0350DFZ27, FDC31/0410BFF06, FDC31/0500CFZ24, FDC31/0700AFF10

This are the most popular FDC41 versions:

FDC41/0051CFZ24, FDC41/0051DFZ28, FDC41/0076AFF3, FDC41/0102AFF03, FDC41/0102BFF10, FDC41/0102CFZ23, FDC41/0102CMZ22, FDC41/0103CFZ23, FDC41/0105CFZ24, FDC41/0127DFZ28, FDC41/0152AFF03, FDC41/0152AMF01, FDC41/0152DFZ27, FDC41/0153CFZ23, FDC41/0180AFF03, FDC41/0203AFF03, FDC41/0203AFF06, FDC41/0203AMM02, FDC41/0203BFF06, FDC41/0203BFF10, FDC41/0203CFZ23, FDC41/0203CFZ27, FDC41/0203DFZ27, FDC41/0254AFF03, FDC41/0254BFF06, FDC41/0254BFF10, FDC41/0254BFM08, FDC41/0254CFZ24, FDC41/0355DFZ27, FDC41/0365AFF03, FDC41/0365AFF03, FDC41/0500AMF01, FDC41/055AFF3, FDC41/254BFM4, FDC41/254BFM8


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EDC to 0.50 mm FFC



EDC to 0.50 mm FFC

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EDC to 0.50 mm FFC

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