The adapter set ADA-I-PEX-20455-40-SET-0250LI is especially designed for high speed LVDS applications/LCD display control.

An adaption between the display cable and a conventional cable is easily feasible.

The adapter set includes:

  • 1 x ADA-I-PEX-20455-40
  • 1 x KAB-IPEX-20453-040T-0050-1:1 FLAT
  • 1 x KAB-SHDR-40V-0-250LI


Technical data:

Adapter board for transformation of I-PEX micro coaxial cable 20453-040 into conventional cables
Side 1: I-PEX 20455-40, R = 0.50 mm
Side 2: SHDR-40 or ACES-87219-4000
Size: 29.00 x 24.00 mm


Side 1: I-PEX 20453-040T, R = 0.50 mm
Side 2: I-PEX 20453-040T, R = 0.50 mm
AWG40 conduction, Micro-Coax, configuration 1:1, L = 50 mm

Equivalent connector:
TE-5-2069716-3, HD1S040HA1


Side 1: SHDR-40 or 87219-4000
Side 2: unprocessed
40 x single strands, multi color, AWG28, UL1571
L = 250 mm (unplugged)

The single components of a set may also be supplied separately. Further customized solutions upon request. Please let us know your requirements. We would be glad to submit you our individual quotation.

Fits for following displays: G101EVN01.0, B133EW03-V1, B101AW01 V1, B125XW01-V0, B156HW01-V3, TVL-55682D101U-LW-I-AAN, B173RW01_V3, B173RW01, B156HW01 V3, N156HGE-L11_V3.0, DLF1095‐ENN‐A01, UMOH-9113MD-T_V0, T101UB01D02, T101VB01D01

Fits for eDP™ displays: B116XAN04.1 HW0A, N173DSE-G31


Fits to following connectors:
Starconn 300E40-0010RA-G3


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Länge / Length: 29,00 mm
Breite / Wide: 24,00 mm

Range of temperatures

Betriebstemperatur / Operating temperature: Min: -20,00 °C Max: 85,00 °C
Lagertemperatur / Storage temperature: Min: -40,00 °C Max: 85,00 °C


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