This adapter is designed for a comfortable connection of FFCs or FPCs with a grid of 0.30 mm/45-pin with other plug connectors.

A small adapter board is equipped with a FFC/FPC connector (bottom contact) and a plug connector, 50-pin, pitch 1.00 mm to adapt a crimping socket for single conductors.


  • small
  • light
  • flat
  • easy to handle
  • no self-development for small quantities needed
  • customized design according to your requirements possible
  • various lengths are available on request

Technical data:

  • side 1: FH23.45S-0.3SH
  • side 2: ACES plug connector tilted, 50-pin (compatible with SHDR series)
  • 45 pcs. strands with mounted crimpcontacts, 300 mm lengths, second side unprocessed, just cut off

We supply an adapter with 45 pcs. strands in 300 mm lenghts, mounterd crimpcontacts, 50-pin connector, R = 1.00 mm. The FFC/FPC connector is designed for 0.30 mm (+/- 0.05 mm) FFCs/FPCs. The connector applies electrical contact to the FFC/FPC cable from below.


This adapter set supports the following displays: LD101WX1, LSL101AL01-S01


Compatible connectors: FH39J-45S-0.3SHW and others……..


Suitable FPC: FPC0.30A45-0101-03-03
This FPC is not included and can be ordered separatly!

FFC cables in different length available ex stock. Please use the FFC-configurator for your request.


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  •     Länge / Lenght: 30,00 mm
  •     Breite / Width: 20,00 mm
  •     Höhe / Height: 6,7 mm

Range of temperatures

  •     Betriebstemperatur: Min / Operating Temperature: -20,00 °C Max: 85,00 °C
  •     Lagertemperatur / Storage Temperature:     Min: -40,00 °C Max: 85,00 °C


  •     Bruttogewicht / Gross Weight: 47,5 g
  •     Nettogewicht / Net Weight: 18,2 g


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