This adapter is designed to connect FFC or FPC cables (30-pin, pitch 0.50 mm, thickness 0.30 mm) comfortably with other connector systems.

A small adapter board is equipped with a flex connector (bottom contact) and a header to conjoin the MICRO-IDC connector for flat cables. The flex connector is either used with the attached FFC cable or with FPC (Flexible Printed Circuit) cables already installed to the component.


  • small
  • light weight
  • flat
  • easy handling
  • no special design for small quantities needed
  • customized design according to your requirements possible

The standard set includes a FFC cable (length = 200 mm, type A = stripped equilaterally) with matching number of poles as well as a flat cable (length = 500 mm) with matching number of poles.
The FFC connector is designed for flex cables of 0.30 mm thickness (+/- 0.05 mm). The jack is provided for bottom connection with the FFC cable.

Various lengths available on request.


This cable supports the following displays (amongst others):

A040CN01, AT080TN42, LTA320W1-L01, LTA320W1-L02, PA025XSC, PA035XSJ, PA035XSL, PD035OX1, PD050VX2, PD064VT2, PD064VX1, PM070WX1, PM070WX2, PM102WX1, PW065XS1, PW070XS1, PW084XS1, PW090XS2, T-51383L070J-FW-P-AA


Compatible connectors:

FH12A-30S-0.5SH, FH12-30S-0.5SH, FA5B030HP1R3000 and others.


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  • Länge / Lenght: 45,2 mm
  • Breite / Width: 25,1 mm
  • Höhe / Height: 6,7 mm

Range of temperatures

  • Betriebstemperatur / Operating temperature: Min: -20,00 °C Max: 85,00 °C
  • Lagertemperatur / Storage temperature: Min: -40,00 °C Max: 85,00 °C


  • Bruttogewicht / Gross weight: 51,1 g
  • Nettogewicht / Net weight: 44,0 g


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