Our display adapters for LCD technology – both analogue and digital. You will also find some of our ESDCI designs, TTL as well as LVDS adapters in our sub-categories.

In this category you will find:

  • LVDS

    Display adapters for LVDS. Small signal converters for TTL and LVDS displays facilitate the remodeling or the maintenance of older systems where new displays or mainboards shall be installed.

  • TTL

    The following adapters provide the opportunity to develop TTL connections according to your requirements. Our different adapter designs support up-to-date TTL connection technology.


    These LVDS receivers transform a LVDS 18 or 24 BIT signal into an 18 BIT TTL digital output. The ES&S standard connector ESDCI for different 18 BIT signals is designed for connection of the TTL displays. Thus LCD displays of various brands can be connected.

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