This adapter board allows to connect new common 1.8” HDD devices with ZIF/LIF connectors (e.g. MK1011GAH, MK3008GAL,….) to the “old” 50 pin 1.8” HDD devices “embedded ATA-interface” (e.g. MK8007GAH, MK6006GAH,….) . 

The mounting process is quite tricky and should be handled with extreme care! The connector is very breakable at the hard disk side. Depending on the type of HDD the FPC connector on the HDD must be unlocked before mounting. After a correct insertion of the cable the connector has to be relocked after mounting.

Please find a detailed installation manual in our data sheet. 

ATTENTION: Do not use this adapter board to connect hard disks to compactflash sockets. It will damage the HDD. It is only designed to replace an old HDD with 50pin embedded-ATA connector which looks similar to a CF-connector (therefore the name of the adapter) by a new ZIF-hard disk! 

Suitable for the following hard disks / solid state disks:

Toshiba HDD:
MK1011GAH, MK1214GAH, MK1231GAL, MK1617GSG, MK1626GCB, MK2008GAL, MK2431GAH, MK3008GAL, MK4008GAH, MK4009GAL, MK6008GAH, MK6028GAL, MK8025GAL, MK8031GAL

MSD-PATA3018-016, MSD-PATA3018-032

Photofast SSD:
G-Monster PF18Z32GSSDZIF


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  • Länge / lenght: 36,5 mm
  • Breite / width: 26,0 mm
  • Höhe / height: 3,0 mm

Range of temperatures

  • Betriebstemperatur / operating temperature : Min: -20,00 °C Max: 85,00 °C
  • Lagertemperatur / storage temperature: Min: -40,00 °C Max: 85,00 °C


  • Bruttogewicht / gross weight: 5,74 g
  • Nettogewicht / net weight: 3,00 g


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